Great American Sleep Challenge

Take NSF's Great American Sleep Challenge™!

NSF’s Great American Sleep Challenge, a fun and interactive online campaign designed to improve Americans' sleep and alertness, is about to begin. Now in its second year, the 2008 Sleep Challenge will debut an array of new tools and features, including:

  • Recreate Your Bedroom – an exciting, interactive educational game in which participants recreate their bedroom online to learn how to build an ideal sleeping environment. As they move their favorite items into their room, they will be engaged with sound effects, fun facts and then get an evaluation of how sleep conducive their actual bedroom. 
  • E-cards – after recreating their bedrooms, participants will see how their bedroom stacks up and get a rating of Sleep Zombie, So-So Sleeper, or a Sleep Savvy Sage. Then, they can challenge their friends and family by asking "What kind of sleeper are you?  Take the Sleep Challenge today!"
  • Find the Sleep Stealers – players are quickly "challenged" to sort sleep-friendly items from sleep stealers in a virtual bedroom in 35 seconds or less to see how much they learned in the other section and be entered into a raffle to win exciting prizes. 
  • Seven Days of Sleep and Alertness – NSAW will feature consumer-friendly quizzes, articles, fact sheets, and other educational resources about specific sleep problems organized into seven themed days, such as Too Tired Tuesday and Snore No More Thursday.

The Sleep Challenge, which kicks off on March 3rd and continues through March 31st, is an integral part of National Sleep Awareness Week®. Learn more now, and then sign up to take the Sleep Challenge!