Message from the Chief Executive Officer


Many of you have noticed that our website has been rather dated including my previous message.  We are currently in the process of updating and revamping this site in order to provide you with far better information!


Much has changed in the last couple of years as we continue to grow.  In Helena, for example, we moved into a new location at 65 Medical Park Drive to allow the Veterans Administration to lease our former space last year.  The transition took nearly 6 months to complete which was much longer than we anticipated, but we re-opened last December.  I appreciate the patience of the community, medical providers and our own staff physicians during the entire process.  Our current suite is the former office of Dr. Ronald Mow and has been remodeled and renovated to take away a clinical atmosphere and provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for our patients.  We encourage everyone to set up an appointment for a tour as we’re excited to showcase our new clinic!  In addition to this move, we’ve made some changes with our board certified sleep medicine specialists.  Dr. David Anderson is still available for sleep consultations and follow-ups but we’ve had the pleasure of adding the services of Dr. Thomas Mulgrew who is currently accepting new patients.  These two physicians work together as a team to ensure that all patients are seen and followed in a timely fashion and both doctors are an enormous asset to this organization.


Finally in Helena, we were re-accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) in May.  Our AASM accreditation proves beyond a reasonable doubt that we’re continually providing excellent patient care and that we’re following strict guidelines set forth by this organization.  We are proud of the fact that we’re not only Helena’s first independent sleep disorders center, but the longest serving accredited sleep center in the Helena area!  Experience is everything and I encourage you to choose us if your provider orders a sleep study for you. 


Our sleep disorders center in Great Falls underwent a complete exterior and interior remodel and an asphalt overlay in the parking lot last fall which has drawn many compliments from our patients.  The center in Great Falls is the largest in our organization and serves central and northcentral Montana.  As with our other locations, we are fully accredited by the AASM and work closely with all of the area healthcare providers including Benefis Health Systems and the Great Falls Clinic.


The center in Butte has been a wonderful addition to our program since 2005 and serves a large part of southwest Montana.  Some highly creative advertising by a couple of individuals may lead a few people to believe that sleep studies need to be performed in Missoula  for Butte residents.  This simply isn’t the case, so please save your travel money for a more enjoyable trip and give us a call.  Timothy P. Roux, MD is board certified in sleep medicine and is available for evaluations in Butte, and our sleep disorders center is fully accredited and situated across the street from St. James Hospital. 


Please stay tuned as we update this site and our staff including myself are always available to answer questions, provide tours and listen to ideas and suggestions.


Sleep Well!


Paul F. Schmook, RPSGT

Chief Executive Officer