Our Services

Some services provided by Rocky Mountain Sleep Disorder Center

Overnight Polysomnography Testing

  • For this test you are required to come to our facility and spend the night. Our sleep technicians monitor these studies throughout the night.
  • We will make all attempts to ‘split-night’ your study, thus saving a second trip and another bill. Split night studies are run per Medicare guidelines.
  • We look at more than respiratory breathing disorders. We actually monitor for 84 of 85 sleeping disorders.

CPAP/BiPAP/ASV Titrations

  • Titration studies may be done seperately if the patient does not qualify for a split-night study.
  • Retitration’s are performed for those currently on CPAP or BiPAP to redetermine the optimal pressure for treatment. This is helpful for those who feel that their treatment is no longer working well. Over time it is often necessary to change the pressure on the machines due to changes since first diagnosis; such as weight gain/loss or increased health problems which may affect the efficiency of the treatment.

Daytime Polysomnography Testing

  • Occasionally due to the shifts a person may work, it may be necessary to sleep during the day rather than the night. If you fall in this category please let the center know when making your appointment and we would be happy to accomodate your needs.

MSLT and MWT testing provided

  • These are daytime nap tests which may help the physician to determine the degree of sleepiness a person suffers during the day. They may be ordered in the possibility of Narcolepsy or to help determine if treatments for sleep problems are effective.


  • The Pap-Nap is a daytime PAP (positive airway pressure) therapy desensitization procedure that combines fitting for CPAP masks, addressing patient’s concerns, and a trial period to desensitize the patient to CPAP or Bilevel titration prior to further testing for treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.   This test may also be beneficial for patients who have had  trouble acclimating to the use of PAP therapy at home.   Our technicians work personally with patients to try to identify problems which contribute to non-compliance with treatment.    This test require 3-4 hours to complete.

Overnight Oximetry

  • This is an in-home test which is often used as a screening tool for the overnight polysomnography that would be performed at the sleep center.
  • May be used to determine the need for supplemental oxygen.
  • Often used as follow up with CPAP treatment to monitor if the treatment is working effectively.

Overnight EEG testing during Sleep Study

  • Limited channel EEG testing is also available on request during normal sleep testing. This is often used to help the physicians with concerns about seizure activity

If you have any questions regarding the services we provide, please contact our office at 406-453-7570.